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Swiss Fund of Funds

The context

FoF1 Services' assets under management had doubled in the previous year and it anticipated a fourfold growth in the following 3 years. Investors in the funds were doubling every year and Advisory Services were continuously expanding. Volumes and customers' expectations -particularly those of institutional clients - were putting the company's resources and in-house systems under strong pressure.

Our approach

  • An assessment of FoF1's Research, Operations and Marketing requirements, a review of its processes and technical architecture, an in-depth survey of the software market.
  • A comprehensive selection process involving hands-on proof-of-concept workshops.
  • A gap phase, run in parallel with contract negotiations, followed by rigorous implementation planning.
  • A 3 month implementation including data migration, staff training, users acceptance testing and system's configuration

The result

The solution in place supports growth of the business and increased complexity of the requirements while keeping staff level under tight control. All requirements were addressed in an open-ended manner, alleviating management and staff burden, decreasing substantially manual intervention and improving processes and data quality.